Our  experience in mineral processing, our internal quality assurance and the technological  background enables us to fulfill wide range of  needs and wishes which our customers have.

Before the raw material becomes a final product, it must reduce its size. Our crushing, milling and sorting equipment allows us to prepare the products for our customers in a wide granularity range, i.e. crushed products in few milimetres and milled and micromilled products below 45 microns. We can offer not only iron ball milling but also iron-free milling. The products from iron-freemilling are used mainly in ceramic and glass industry.

The complex procedure of processing  industrial minerals is provided by appropriate technological equipment, and long experience in the branch. 

The qualities of the original raw materials and our products play a key role in the process. That is why our laboratory, where we check the  physical and chemical properties, is used.

Our aim is to cover wide material base for our customers including optimal composition of various products in just-in-time regime.

Implementing new technologies leads us to seeking new products and improving our sales service.