• 1758  -  The first usage of the term fluorit to designate a mineral which crystallizes in cubic system and has chemical symbol CaF2
  • 1952  -  The foundation of the company Fluorit and launching the first  flotation line to process fluorspar ore to make fluorspar concentrate
  • 1991-1994  -  The recession  of the ore mining industry
  • 1992  -  The foundation of the company FLUORIT TEPLICE s.r.o. which rented the preparation plant of the ores in the beginning and then bought it from National Property Fund. 
  • 1999  -  The foundation of the company Minorit s.r.o. as a joint-venture with the german company Quarzwerke Group.
  • 2002  -  The beginning of the production in the company Minorit s.r.o.
  • 2017  -  The transformation of the company into the group FLUORIT CZ a.s.