About FLUORIT Group

About FLUORIT Group

FLUORIT Group is formed by company FLUORIT CZ a.s as a holding company, FLUORIT TEPLICE s.r.o., which is the main subsidiary company and serves as a main production and trading business unit and companies Impexmetal CZ s.r.o. and MINORIT s.r.o.

Our basic range of products is intended to be used in steel and welding industry, foundries, ceramic  and cement production and in others.   We produce 50 thousands of tons of products for our customers in Europe and outside Europe every year.  We are proud that our materials can be an integral part of products used in everyday life.

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We are experts on industrial materials

The core of our business is processing and doing trade with industrial minerals. Our production processes numerous industrial minerals as fluorspar, sintermagnesite (DBM), quartz, feldspar, slag conditioners and other raw materials.

We also provide toll processing for customers who wish to prepare their own materials according to their specific requirements. Either you have a raw material and you are looking for the processing for your customer or you have a raw material and need to help to utilize it? In any case, our experience and technology are available for you.  Our colleagues in sales department are looking forward to getting you enquiries. The fact that we use new technologies leads us to seeking new products and improving our service.

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Důlní 428, 415 01 Teplice 

Tel: +420 417 940 111
Fax: +420 417 940 335 

E-mail: fluorit@fluorit.cz

Sales department

Tel: +420 417 940 354
Fax: +420 417 940 335 

E-mail: sales@fluorit.cz